Friday, December 27, 2013

Walk from Horsley, Northumberland.

To get ready for the Christmas Dinner, this is the walk we did from Horsley in Northumberland.

Distance: 4 miles
Start & Finish: Horsley Village, Northumberland.
Finishes with a steep slope uphill.
Soggy ground heading up the hill towards the end.

Runkeeper Route: Map

Pub stops available in Wylam, and two pubs and a cafe in Horsley itself.

Setting off from the village, head East along the main road, just before you exit the village, turn right up a farm track with a foot path sign to Wylam 1 1/2.
Turn left at the end and head straight on to the left of a field, with a waymarker.
Continue straight on past the first wall and across the field passing through a disused gate in the second wall and then turn to cross the next field diagonally, looking for a style on the southern side of the field that will appear shortly.
Once across follow the path to a footbridge across the river and up a short slope.  Head diagonally across the next field towards a style and then head for another style before the road.

Follow the road downhill into Wylam and at the junction turn left to pass by The Ship Inn, and just after The Ship turn right up Chapel Lane and continue until just after you pass over a railway bridge.  Turn right and head down the slope to the disused railway and head west towards Wylam Bridge over the Tyne.  Don't cross over the bridge, instead take the path to the right off the railway and stay on the northern bank still heading west along the path before arriving at the road and continuing along a thin foot path.

When the roadside footpath disappears head off the road down to a footpath at the river side,  pass a house to your right.  Immediately after the house turn right and follow the drive between the house and the pumping station re-emerging onto the road and turn left onto the footpath.

Just before the cottage on the right look for a path signposted Horsley Wood, take this uphill and take the first left and at a warning sign for low power lines take the right fork.

Follow this somewhat squishy (when wet) path up the hill until you reach a junction of trails, take the trail that leads up hill towards and passes to the left of Horsley Wood Cottages, continue up the trail past the twists outside the water treatment works and return to the village.